Corporate Overview


HPQ, working with PyroGenesis Canada Inc (TSX-V: PYR), is developing the PUREVAPTM QRR and the PUREVAP™ SiNR, two new innovative plasma-based processes which will permit the low-cost manufacturing of High Purity Silicon Metal, Spherical Nano-powders and Nanowires for Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries

PUREVAP™ Pilot Plant – SiNR Test Plant H1 2020 Start

HPQ is about to start its 50 TPA PUREVAP™ QRR pilot plant & PUREVAP™ SiNR Test Plant that will: Demonstrate our ability to be a low Opex and Capex producer of high purity Silicon Metal (Si), Demonstrate our ability to be a low-cost producer of Spherical Nano-powders and Nanowires, Qualifying and selling products to potential customers (Batteries and Others)

Unique Capability of PUREVAP™ Process

QRR – reduce raw material cost by 50%, representing a direct 20% reduction in OPEX,
QRR – reduce HPQ Manufacturing CAPEX by 90% or more versus all other new Silicon Metal plants,
QRR – process allows HPQ to Produce any Purity Silicon (Si) up to 4N Si in one step,
SiNR – lowering the cost of making Spherical Nano-powders and Nanowires needed for Li-Ion Batteries

Advancing Silicon Innovations

Silicon Metal (Si) is a key material for the ongoing renewable energy revolution. HPQ to maximize the PUREVAP™ QRR Capability of converting low-quality inputs in the high purity Si needed for Advance Materials Innovations, and maximize the PUREVAP™ SiNR Unique Proprietary Capability of transforming Si into Spherical Nano-powders and Nanowires.

PUREVAP™ Silicon Metal addressable markets

Present market (2018) US$ 15B (US$ 7.5B Standard Si, Batteries Si US $400M & US$ 7.1B Solar Si). Expected to reach US$ 24B over the coming years (US$ 12B for Standard Si by 2023; US$ 1B for batteries Si by 2022; and US$ 11.8B for Solar Si by 2028)

HPQ implementing a multi prong development approach

Near term: Focus on generating cash flow by using the PUREVAP™ QRR and SINR for high-value niche market silicon applications (Si for batteries (Nanopowders, Nanowires, and Wafers, 2N+Si…). Medium-term: Focus on High Purity silicon for advanced PV applications, developing in partnership with Apollon Solar, a new PUREVAP™ QRR metallurgical pathway for Solar Grade Si

Strong support from key stakeholders

HPQ Silicon has strong support from PyroGenesis Canada Inc, which holds on a fully diluted basis about 12.5% of the capital of the Corporation PLUS the Government of Québec which holds on a fully diluted basis about 9.9% of HPQ-Silicon. Apollon Solar is also a shareholder





        On the 21st of July 2022, HPQ became a Tier 1 technology company. As a result, we are in the process of updating our corporate brand. This includes website and stationary. 

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