UMG CAPEX disruptive potential

The PUREVAP™ UMG process can provide a significant dent in the cost of material inputs, in part by enabling a much lower CAPEX for the production of Upgraded metallurgical grade (UMG) silicon metal

Manufacturers continue to focus on reducing costs, but as improvements continue, the opportunities to achieve price reductions are getting harder to achieve. Important cost improvements are being found in the provision of Solar-grade Silicon (SOG-Si). In fact, when compared to manufacturers elsewhere, the PUREVAP™ process is expected to provide the lowest CAPEX in the industry.

Innovation is expensive, but with the narrow margins of today’s solar market, keeping costs down is critical to competitiveness within the solar industry itself.

HPQ and its partners have invested in the PUREVAP™ process, and have found that the outfitting of a state-of-the-art commercial-scale manufacturing facility will require a CAPEX well below than that of its competitors, in the range of $15-20 at our intended site in Quebec. This is less than half the CAPEX of the next most competitive commercial process available.

The improvements to SoG-Si manufacturing represented by the HPQ PUREVAP™ process can make a significant difference in competitiveness for the PV manufacturers and developers


Reduce GHG emissions significantly disrupting GHG impact of solar manufacturing

Lowering operating expenses in the production of Solar-grade Silicon (SoG-Si)