UMG OPEX disruption potential

The PUREVAP™ UMG process could make a significant dent in the cost of material inputs, in part through lower operating expenses (OPEX) in the production of Solar-grade Silicon (SoG-Si)

Average unit costs for SoG-Si is in the range of $15 per kg, but with current inefficient production methods, this figure could end up being pushed up to $20 per kg to meet expected demand growth by 2020.

Successful bench tests conducted by HPQ and its partners have shown the HPQ PUREVAP™ Process can provide SoG-Si at a unit operating cost in the range of $5-6 per kg, far below the costs for virtually every major supplier in the industry.

This will give a considerable market advantage to HPQ and its partners, including Apollon Solar, a globally renowned manufacturer of high-performance multi-crystalline and monocrystalline solar cells. Pyrogenesis has made it possible to transform Quartz (SiO2) into High Purity Silicon Metal (4N+ Si < 1 ppm B) in a single step, to produce “PUREVAP™ Si”. This is further refined through metallurgical processes to achieve solar grade silicon.

The overall reduced OPEX makes the PUREVAP™ process a compelling and disruptive advancement in the manufacture of high purity silicon for the solar sector


Lowering the CAPEX for the production of Solar Grade Silicon Metal (SoG-Si)

Lowering operating expenses in the production of Solar-grade Silicon (SoG-Si)