Path to Reshaping Manufacturing with Sustainable Silicon: Reflecting on my Recent Presentation Tour across Europe

by Bernard Tourillon

While travelling across Europe, including cities like Frankfurt, Antwerpen, Grenoble, and Geneva, I met with industrial companies, stakeholders, and potential investors.

I presented HPQ and its technology, explaining the industrial applications of our products.

CEO Bernard Tourillon presenting to an audience in Frankfurt!

The engaging discussions and positive interest in our technology have left me excited about the potential opportunities that lie ahead.

It is crucial to ensure sustainable reshoring of manufacturing in North America and Europe, and HPQ plays a vital role in this endeavor.

We are focused on producing high-quality silicon that is necessary for reshoring ESG manufacturing practices in these regions.

By aligning with other industrial and government objectives such as operational efficiency, climate change mitigation, and sustainability commitments, we can create a new competitive edge.

The breakthrough technology of QRR can significantly disrupt the silicon status quo and promote sustainable manufacturing practices.

CEO Bernard Tourillon presenting to an audience in Antwerp, Belgium!

Using HPQ Silicon’s high-purity silicon metal, global industries can reduce the environmental footprint of their products and cost-effectively adopt sustainable manufacturing practices. We are committed to integrating ESG elements into our corporate mission, vision, and performance.

Efficiency is at the core of everything we do.

Compared to conventional methods, our proprietary technology, the PUREVAP™, reduces costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and feedstock materials, providing a decisive cost advantage along the value chain.

Silicon is crucial for the global economy, especially as the world transitions to sustainable energy.

CEO Bernard Tourillon presenting to an audience in Grenoble, France!

However, the manufacturing processes to convert quartz into high-purity silicon are energy-intensive, resource-intensive, and highly polluting.

Our message of reducing the environmental footprint through the use of HPQ’s high-purity silicon resonates with investors.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for the applications of HPQ’s technology. With the passing of the IRA in the US and the ITC in Canada, we are well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities.

HPQ’s recent tour across Europe has ignited a flame of enthusiasm and possibility.

The engagement, discussions, and reception of our message have reaffirmed the global interest in sustainable manufacturing and the vital role of high-purity silicon metal. As we reflect on the transformative potential of our technology, we are inspired to forge resourceful connections and partnerships, both in North America and Europe, to drive real change.

The demand for silicon continues to surge as the world’s appetite for advanced technology and sustainable energy grows. With our proprietary technology, PUREVAP™, we are well-equipped to deliver high-quality silicon, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact, thus providing a decisive advantage for industries along the value chain.

As the global economy strives to balance economic growth and environmental stewardship, HPQ is at the forefront of enabling a sustainable future. By embracing ESG principles and integrating them into our corporate mission, vision, and performance, we are dedicated to making a positive difference.

The timing could not be more opportune, with recent legislative developments in the US and Canada opening doors for the application of our technology.

We stand ready to seize these opportunities and collaborate with like-minded partners to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape.

Together, let us embark on this remarkable journey towards sustainable manufacturing, where HPQ’s high-purity silicon metal takes center stage, empowering industries worldwide to reduce their environmental footprint, foster operational efficiency, and build a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

Over the last 35 years, Mr. Tourillon has held senior-level executive positions with extensive finance, accounting, marketing, administration, and business development experiences in diverse industries including banking, manufacturing, exploration, mining, and technologies companies. Since joining HPQ Silicon in 2006, he has participated in fundraising activities and financial transactions worth over $49 million.