Metallurgical Grade Silicon

Silicon of relatively high purity in the order of 98% or higher—used extensively in the metallurgical industry
The single most abundant use of metallurgical grade silicon is for the automobile industry, which represents a slight majority, or 55% of all metallurgical silicon used industrially.

Producing metallurgical grade silicon is achieved by reacting highly pure silicon with wood or charcoal in an electric arc furnace.

The steel and aluminum industries are good examples of the metallurgical industry. Metallurgical grade silicon is a crucial stepping stone in the refining process of silicon metal. It is used extensively in metallurgical industries, which work with metallic alloys.

Predominantly, metallurgical grade silicon is used for aluminum casting to develop aluminum alloy products. Aluminum is a choice metal as it’s durable, reliable, and lightweight.


The steel and aluminum industries are deeply integrated and underpin continental supply chains that strengthen the global competitiveness of the North American economy