Revolutionizing Silicon Metal Manufacturing: An Interview with Our CEO on HPQ’s Groundbreaking Zero CO2 Emissions Process

by Team HPQ

Get ready for an enlightening conversation with our CEO as he delves into the exciting details of our recent groundbreaking announcement.

Learn firsthand about our world-first “Zero CO2 Emissions” technology, PUREVAP™ QRR, that has the potential to dramatically shift the silicon metal manufacturing landscape.

Our CEO explains the process, its innovation, and how it challenges the status quo of a century-old industry. This interview offers insights into our revolutionary approach to achieving zero carbon emissions and the implications of this technology for the silicon industry and the world at large.

Don’t miss out on this chance to hear directly from the visionary leading the way towards a more sustainable future in silicon manufacturing.

Watch the interview:

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HPQ Silicon is a Quebec-based TSX Venture Exchange Tier 1 Industrial Issuer. With the support of world-class technology partners PyroGenesis Canada and NOVACIUM SAS, the company is developing new green processes crucial to make the critical materials needed to reach net zero emissions.